Sun embroidered hemp wallet

Sun embroidered hemp wallet
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Sun embroidered hemp wallet.

Embroidered hemp wallet

We have the suns embroidered in various vivid colours on our hemp wallets. The close with velcrose and have seperate compartments for credit cards and cash.
Ever since starting Himalayan handmades in 1993, the embroidered sun has been available on many bags, wallets, purses and hats
Our hemp wallets are made in Kathmandu Nepal.
When you order you will receive these hemp money wallets with different color suns.

Hemp Wallets Wholesale

Don't miss out on your chance to cash in on the latest hype that's currently sweeping the globe. The hemp craze is here and we at Himalayan Handmades are proud to introduce a range of the cutest hemp wallets at super affordable wholesale prices. If you own a gift store, then these are the perfect accessories to add to your collection. Our hippie style wallets are made from natural, eco-friendly hemp fibres and hand crafted in Nepal.
Our hand picked selection of wallets sport embroidered designs that feature yin yang, Buddha eyes, Om signs and mushrooms. Choose the one that's perfect for your store or opt for a mix of all. Our slim designs are small enough to fit into any pocket yet big enough to hold your credit cards and small change with ease. They make really awesome gifts and at such low prices, your customers can afford to get one for every member of their family. 
We will courier your wholesale hemp wallets to your door whether you're in the USA, Australia, Spain or Italy. For more information on buying wholesale, email us at and we will be happy to help you with any query you may have. If you're looking for reasons to fall in love with hemp? Why not read this article ->->->Why hemp really is the best. It's sure to give you a new perspective on this natural fibre. 

We supply shops & wholesalers worldwide!

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