Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense

Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense
 Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense
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 Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense

Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense

  • Hand-rolled Kar-Sur Zhingkham Kunchab Cone Incense 
  • Contains the best of all fruits, Holy water, five precious gems, six excellent medicinal herbs, three whites and sweets, nine grains, and various silk brocades
  • Contains 30 cones
  • Pack weighs 100 grams and is 12*14 cm
  • Handmade in Nepal.


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Looking for a comprehensive range of incense sticks, cones, rope incense, dhoop sticks and gift packs? Himalayan Handmades is the place to shop. Our impressive selection of hand-selected incense sticks can be used for meditation, offerings, relaxation, purification and more. Incense is regarded as a powerful tool by many around the world. It can be used for spiritual and health purposes, to reduce stress and anxiety, to freshen up the air around you and clear negative energy. These aromatic sticks release pungent fragrances that set the tone for yoga sessions, ritual performing and meditating. The burning of incense sticks come with numerous benefits that include medicinal, to stimulate creativity, as a sleep aid and a host more.

The burning of incense in all it's different forms has been an important ritual for thousands of years. It plays a fundamental role in ceremonies and religious and spiritual occassions. Burning incense is a common practice among a host of diverse religions around the world today. These include Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Buddhism and Hinduism. In more modern times, the use of incense has gone beyound spiritual. It is frequently used to fragrant our homes, in yoga studios and wellness retreat centres. Our selection of herbal medicated incense sticks are made under the strict control of renowned herb masters. At Himalayan Handmades, you can shop a range of incense sticks at wholesale prices. We courier worldwide.

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