Peace Prayer Flags

Peace Prayer Flag
Peace Prayer Flags
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Tibetan Peace Prayer Flag

  • Hand crafted, cotton peace prayer flags 
  • Size of each flag (L X B, inches) = 5.5 X 5.5
  • There are 5 prayer flags that are around 35 inches long when strung together
  • Handmade in the shadow of the Mighty Himalayas

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Prayer flags or "lungta" are traditionally believed to bring forth, or promote good fortune, peace and prosperity. They are auspicious, rectangle cloth flags that bear mantras or prayers and when blown in the wind, carry your prayers forth to be answered. They come in colors each representing an element. Green representing water, yellow for earth, white symbolising air, blue for wind and red symbolises fire. Each color is used to balance the 5 elements. Hang your prayer flags around your business or home and benefit from  the spiritual atmosphere it will create around you. 
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