Why should I try an order from Himalayan Handmades International?

  • Are you a retailer running a shop, boutique or store selling hippie, boho clothing and accessories? 
  • Are you just relying on a few wholesalers in your country? You are limiting your choice ----- Your competitors might not be.

    My name is Stephen Forster and I started Himalayan Handmades International in 1993 after discovering a stunning range of hippie, bohemian clothing and accessories in Nepal having crossed the Himalayas from north to south on my travels around the world. When I first started out, my passion for Nepal and it's people drove me to quit my day job as a lecturer and gave me the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming online store. We now serve retailers in many countries around the world.

Shopping for hippie clothing in Nepal

We are in partnership with Sony Handicrafts and have a warehouse in Kathmandu.  We work directly with our manufacturers, supplying our retailers direct from Nepal. We have an exclusive range which we add to as often as possible. We try to offer something different compared to other Nepalese suppliers and are constantly creating new designs for the International market.

Steve and Pawan in Nepal 

This is why you should place an order...

  • You will have a unique range compared to your competitors
  • You will slash costs and save by cutting out the middle man in your country for some of your niche products
  • You will be buying direct from the source in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Easy and secure paying via Paypal
  • Competitive courier rates
  • Himalayan Handmades knows what sells to the Western market
  • We design and select a range based on what sells
  • Himalayan Handmades have been in operation for 28 years
  • We will source what you want for less than you are paying in your country
  • Our customers tell us that our quality is the best
  • We adhere to Fair Trade practices

Weaving in Nepal

Himalayan Handmades International exports direct from our Sony Handicraft offices in Nepal to your shop, stall or warehouse in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy, France and other European countries. Whether you are a small boutique or a large retailer, we have a distinctly unique range of clothing and accessories just for you. We take inspiration from the vivid colours, exceptional handwork and funky designs of Nepal and adapt them for the Western market.

We supply a summer and winter range as well as dresses, hoodies, pants, shawls, wool hats and bags. We work with a number of suppliers who we have built up relationships with for more than two decades. We adhere to the principles of fair trade practices and work and design directly with our established manufacturers.

        Shopping for singing bowls in Nepal  Shopping in Kathmandu

We supply shops & wholesalers worldwide!

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